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A financial services institution found that its ANI match was producing a low number of matches because it didn’t have the correct phone number for a large number of customers. It tried to rectify this problem by having call center agents gather the information from customers when they called in, but this was costly and unproductive.



Metaphor IVR+ allowed the organization to update its customer records all within the IVR system. The system tracks customers calling, identifying and authenticating. When there is no ANI match for a phone number, the system stores this information. If the customer calls 3 times within 2 months from the same number, he/she is prompted to update their profile.



Within 18 months the financial services institution saw a 20% increase in ANI matches—without ever requiring an operator or live agent. IVR utilization has increased because customers are easily identified and authenticated with minimal effort on their part, and the organization has updated customer information on file for its outbound efforts. 



Metaphor IVR+ Case Study



Our internal selection team looked at many MES solutions, and after an exhaustive search process, we decided to go with the I-Track team and their ToolTrack Platform.  ToolTrack off-the-shelf had most of the features called out in our functional spec, and the process of customizing the remaining portions was remarkably easy and efficient. As a fast-moving R&D organization we needed a product which could adapt to our needs quickly, and we are very pleased with the results.



Maurice O.
 Dir. Operations, SunPower


Financial Services Institution increases ANI match rate by 20%, reducing IVR opt-out and contact center costs

Complete MES Solution

Incredible Reporting Engine

Custom Built Modules

Super Fast Deployment

"ToolTrack is a flexible platform that was quickly customized to our needs. It's a powerful piece of software with outstanding reporting capabilities. Overall, this has been one of the fastest and most successful software projects I’ve implemented."

Ravi O.
VP Operations, Arcanum Alloys


WIP / Equipment Tracking
Comprehensive and searchable histories

Full Genealogy
Trace activity of "who/what/where/when"

Real-Time Notifications
Email/text when important events occur

Eliminate manual entry errors

Production Scheduling
Preventive maintenance, qualification, calibration

Material Management
Inventory, consumables, spare parts

Customized Dashboards
Yield, cycle time, throughput, utilization

Dynamic Reports
Ad-hoc discovery, share & export

Document Control
Revision management and approvals

Operator Certification
The right people for the right process

Line Balance
Identify and manage WIP bubbles

(SPC) Statistical Process Control
Catch trends before they catch you

Fully Featured MES Core

  • All the standard functionality you'd expect PLUS a lot more
  • Your operational structure and business logic are the foundation
  • Custom modules are inexpensive and deployed rapidly

Custom Built Modules

  • ToolTrack allows for quick and inexpensive custom module development
  • Custom modules are deployed behind the scenes without downtime
  • Typical implementation for a custom module is less than 3 weeks

Incredible Reporting Engine

  • Beautiful dashboards, always up-to-date
  • Dynamic and interactive reports allow ad-hoc "slicing and dicing"
  • Users can save customized views and share with others
  • No need for 3rd party reporting applications

Fast Cloud Deployment

  • Typical implementation is 6-8 weeks
  • Zero infrastructure, Zero hardware, Zero maintenance
  • Many of our customers run 24x7x365; ToolTrack simply doesn't crash
  • Always unlimited users.

Complete MES Solution

Custom Built Modules

Incredible Reporting Engine

Fast Cloud Deployment

ToolTrack MES Platform

  • Flexible web application works with any device
  • WIP Tracking, Equipment Management, SPC, QMS, Document Control and MUCH more...
  • Beautiful interactive dashboards
  • Users can save customized views
  • Easily export to Excel
  • Rapid & inexpensive custom module development for your unique processes
  • Ask us for customization references!
  • Typical implementation is 6-8 weeks
  • Super stable: our customers run 24 x 7 x 365
  • Always Unlimited Users

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At I-Track, your MES implementation won't be handled by project managers or off-shore developers who've never seen a manufacturing environment. You'll be working with an I-Track architect that has extensive experience in manufacturing software implementation, and is first and foremost from the world of manufacturing operations.


ToolTrack provides you with all the functionality of a world-class Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for a fraction of the cost.

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